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Mechanical Aeration

Sigma - The Purestream Sigma is a low speed surface mechanic aerator. The unique plow-shaped impeller blade design provides the maximum quantity of oxygen with the least amount of horsepower. The impeller features a high number of removable blades for optimizing efficiency while minimizing splashing or misting. The Sigma Aerator is available in both fixed mount or floating models.... Read More

Oxygen Concentrators

PCI provides a wide range of on-site oxygen generation systems that offer increased productivity and reduced operating costs in the treatment of water and wastewater. Oxygen plays an important role in wastewater treatment. Most bacteria in wastewater is aerobic, so dissolved oxygen must be replenished. Concentrating and supplying oxygen directly to wastewater streams provides the most direct and efficient source of aeration.

To produce pure oxygen from air PCI uses a proprietary low energy Vacuum Swing Absorption process, that eliminates many problems associated with traditional methods. To learn more click here

For cost comparison of Concentration vs. Aeration click here


PCI Deployable Oxygen Concentration Systems (DOCS) are available in various sizes to suit your application:

DOCS 66 - 66 lpm at 93% purity

DOCS 80 - 80 lpm at 93% purity

DOCS 200 - 200 lpm at 93% purity

DOCS 500 - 500 lpm at 93% purity

DOCS 1500 - 1500 lpm at 93% purity

DOCS 5000 - 5000 lpm at 90% purity

EDOCS 120- Mobile oxygen generator 66 lpm at 93% purity

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