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Filter bags are available as either a needled felt (depth media) or mesh (surface media) filter. They offer a cost effective means of particulate removal from 1 micron to 2000 micron nominal from liquid streams. One filter bag can replace up to nine cartridge filters, offering substantial cost savings, or increased service life.

Pureworld needled felt bag filters use welded seams to eliminate particulate bypass through the needle holes of sewn seams.

FDA Compliance

The raw materials used in the production of our polypropylene filters with the PolyformSEAL flange comply with the following Code of Federal Regulations (CFR'S):

• FDA 21 CFR6.170

• FDA CFCR 177.1520(C) 3.2a

As such, they are acceptable for use in applications where the materials used must conform to these FDA specifications

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Typical Applications

Typical applications suited to liquid filter bags include:



Pureworld Solutions Inc. has developed its new PolyformSEAL™ in both 4” and 7” configurations. These new top retaining flanges are a perfect fit in our own filter housings, as well as most competitor’s filter vessels. advantages of this new design are:



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