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Thermal and Membrane Technology

Aquatech has been offering the most advanced desalination technologies available since the 1950’s. As world wide demand for water is increasing, seawater is becoming a more and more viable option. Aquatech provides a complete line of thermal and membrane technologies, and offers fully engineered turnkey installations, to meet that demand.

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Reverse Osmosis

SWRO 36K - This Watertrack pre-engineered water treatment solution is designed specifically for treating standard 36,000PPM total dissolved solids seawater. Utilizing reverse osmosis through low energy HR membranes it is able to achieve 40% recovery of clean water.....Read more

SWRO 46K - Designed to treat higher salt content seawater. This salt water reverse osmosis system is able to recover 30-35% purewater from high salinity sources.....Read more

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Sonitec provides an extensive line of horizontal pressure systems including Microfilration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration Reverse Osmosis and desalination. Providing both standard and customized designs in a variaty of configurations and meterials, Sonitec tubular, spiral or hollow-fiber membrane separation systems can provide high purity water in a variety of industrial applications.

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