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Filter Presses

Pureworld Solutions Inc. is proud to be partnered with Diemme Filtration, the world leader in solid liquid seperation technology.


Diemme manufactures a complete line of filter presses using the best available technology. They have been involved in the evolution of filter press development by creating innovative solutions which are used for a diverse range of industrial applications.





GHT - 1500

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GHT - The largest filter press available in the world. The GHT can dewater huge volumes of slurry and uses 4 hydraulic cylinders to ensure perfect operation and limit structural stress..... Read More

GHS - Automatic filter press where the plates are hung from an upper beam for easy access to the filter plates.  ..... Read More

KE - A compact, economical side beam filter press..... Read More

ME - A versatile side beam filter press that achieves short cycle time thanks to an instantaneous release device..... Read More

AUTOMAT - Fully automated filter press, requires no operator interjection..... Read More

Rotary Fan Press

Rotary Fan Press - This revolutionary dewatering process uses pressure and friction to force water out of sludge as it passes between two rotating filter screens.


As sludge enters the press, it passes through a tapered channel. Friction intensifies as it reaches the slow rotating (>1RPM) filter screens. Solids are compressed in between the screens and the water is filtered out through the screens. Water is filtered out the screens as the solids compress and can typically achieve 18-26% dry cake solids. The many advantages of this system include:


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