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Many clarification and water treatment processes produce a sludge material, as the solids are dropped out of the flow and concentrated.  This sludge is still mostly water, so sludge dewatering is essential for reducing the high costs of off site disposal.

In industrial applications, such as mining, the solids are the desired end result, and the liquid needs to be removed to increase the value of the final product and reduce shipping costs.

Fully customizable plate and frame filter presses and rotary fan presses are available to help you start taking advantage of this cost saving today.

Filter Press - Often called pressure filters, this filter technology has been the work horse for solid / liquid separation for decades.  A sludge or slurried material is fed into the press under pressure, where the solids are retained within a series of chambers, whilst the liquid passes through a woven cloth.  Further squeezing of the cake is possible by inflating membranes within the plate, to produce a drier cake.

Filter Presses are now mostly commonly used in industrial applications.

Rotary Fan Press - A pre-conditioned sludge material is fed into a rotating chamber consisting of two slotted screens.  The water freely dewaters, while a plug of solids forms against a pressure restriction at the outlet, where the generated back pressure helps additional water to be squeezed out.

Rotary Fan Presses are commonly used in municipal applications, and can also be used for light industrial applications.



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