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Cartridge Filter Housings

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Bag Filter Housings

Pureworld Solutions Inc. offers a full line of quality liquid filter bag 

vessels, engineered in a variety configurations, filtering capacities 

and materials of construction to suit your specific application.


Bag filter vessels may be used in a full flow filtration system where 100% of the fluid is processed, or in a side stream system where only a portion of the process fluid is filtered.

The single bag vessel is ideal for low dirt load applications and rated to handle flow rates from 25 gpm to 150 gpm.

They are available in side or top entry configurations.

A duplex vessel consists of two separate bag vessels that share the same inlet and outlet connections. This versatile arrangement offers the following benefits.

A multibag filter vessel is used in applications with high flow rates and/or heavy dirt load.

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Stainless Steel filter housings are available to accommodate single 9.75” filter cartridges to multi-round 40” cartridges, with all different end configuration options.  Housings are also available with highly polished surface finish and electroplating for critical filtration applications.

Filter Housings