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POREX Tubular Membrane Filter Modules offer high quality Microfiltration or Ultrafiltration membrane technology. The membrane is supported by a rigid tubular structure made from sintered PE or PVDF.  This allows the filtration module to operate in a cross flow mode, providing high solids loading capability, at higher pressures and greater flux rates, which reduces overall system size.

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Sonitec provides an extensive line of horizontal pressure systems including Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration Reverse Osmosis and desalination. Providing both standard and customized designs in a variety of configurations and materials, Sonitec tubular, spiral or hollow-fibre membrane separation systems can provide high purity water in a variety of industrial applications.

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Series AA  - Compact economical 220-770 GPD reverse osmosis system.....Read more

Series J - 11,500-26,000 GPD RO systems featuring 4”x40” membrane elements.....Read more

Series K - 28,800-324,000 GPD RO systems featuring 8”x40” membrane elements.....Read more

Series L - 600-9,500 GPD RO systems uses either 2.5” or 4” diameter membranes elements in a vertical position.....Read more

Series XL - 2,000-1000 GPD RO systems featuring 4”x40” XLE extra low energy membrane elements in a vertical position.....Read more

Series PW - Applied systems offers a complete prepackaged water purification system that includes; pretreatment, reverse osmosis, post treatment and storage.....Read more

Series S - Specifically designed to convert seawater to drinking water. Available in 2,000-10,000 GPM sizes and build for the demanding requirements of the marine environment.....Read more

Series SY - Compact design for use on yachts, boats and cruise ships these systems are able to deliver 100-2,000 GPD of drinking water from seawater in remote locations.....Read more

Membrane Cleaning system - Applied Membranes cleaning systemsare designed for use with any RO system to be able to clean membranes without removing them from the system

.....Read more

SCEPTER - Stainless steel cross-flow membranes for extreme process conditions. Graver Technologies SCEPTER membranes utilize a patented coating that provides a high durability filter medium for superior separation and reliability even under the harshest conditions.... Read More

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