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Dry Polymer Systems

dynaJet Feeder Hopper

dynaJET - Getting the most of your dry polymer requires proper wetting, concentration, aging and mixing. dynaJET technology accomplishes this by utilizing pneumatic conveyance to introduce the dispersed polymer into high-flow shower chamber where particles are evenly wetted. They then enter a mix tank where they are mixed by a low speed mixer that creates a turbulent state and aged for the ideal amount of time. This process ensures that you will get the best performance out of your dry polymer, increasing system efficiency and saving you money.... Read more

DynaBLEND dry/liquid - For increased process adaptability Fluid Dynamics has created the dynaBLEND dry/liquid combo system. They have combined their dry polymer dispersion and activation system with their top of the line liquid polymer activation system to give operators flexibility while achieving the highest polymer efficiency possible.... Read more

Liquid Polymer Systems

dynaBLEND - The dynaBLEND liquid polymer blending system is the most effective and reliable polymer activation technology available today. It uses an innovative high velocity polymer solution jet to provide polymer ultra-high mixing energy at the initial point of contact, this serves to uncoil the tightly packed concentrated polymer. It then creates the right turbulent environment to ensure that the blending process is fully complete without high energy mixers that would break the polymer chains. The Fluid Dynamics dynaBLEND system provides proven performance to give you confidence you are getting the most out of your wastewater treatment equipment and polymer investment.... Read more

dynaBLEND for hazardous areas - Fluid Dynamics has created the solution for cases where high quality polymer mixing is required in hazardous areas. This robust design provides all of the benefits of the dynaBLEND technology as well as increased durability and security features..... Read more


miniBLEND - For smaller scale or laboratory projects Fluid Dynamics brings you the miniBLEND. This system features the same reliable non-mechanical mixing chamber but scaled to down to a lightweight portable design..... Read more

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