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Bar Screen - The Purestream ES Automatic Self-Cleaning Bar screen is designed to remove particulate before it enters waste water treatment reactors. The bar screen is belt mounted and sits in an existing channel. As it clogs the belt automatically rotates to expose a clean section of screen while a brush and spray clean the used portions...... Read More

Screw Screen - The Purestream ES Screw Screen efficiently removes, compacts and disposes of damaging particulate before they entered the system. The screw system features a compact design and is available in a channel mount or can be flanged into hard pipe. The discharge chute can be rotated 360 degrees to accommodate any position of waste receptacle..... Read More

Aer-O-Flo Communitor - The Purestream Aer-O-Flo communitor is an automatic mechanical shearing device that reduces the size of solids prior to biological treatment. Wastewater enters though the inlet where it is met by a rotating slotted drum. Solids that are too large to go through the slots are caught by staggered cutting teeth mounted to the drum that carry them to stationary cutter bar where they are sheared down to size..... Read More


Watertrak Clarifier - A solids contact type process that combines coagulation and flocculation in a primary settling tank. It produces a homogeneous liquid capable of being treated biologically and a sludge that can be separately treated or processed. It utilizes a hydraulically driven rake has no chains or belts to break for reduced downtime and maintenance..... Read More

Baleen Filter - This revolutionary micro-screen filtration system (see Self Cleaning Filters) is able to act as a primary clarifier, removing and separating solids down to 3 microns. It uses a duel action spray to automatically clean the screen and collect the solids..... Read More

Sand Separators

In-Eko Sand Seperator - This compact primary separator is used to remove sand, grit and other solids from your wastewater stream. It features specifically designed lamella style plate system that significantly increases sedimentation efficiency inside the separation vessel. It includes an automatic screw transporter that dewaters and carries the collected sand from the separator...... Read More

Air Floatation

GEM - Clean Water Technologies innovative Gas Energy Mixing system is an innovative process that replaces traditional DAF treatment systems. The GEM system can handle heavier contamination loads, adapt to flow changes, and produce drier sludge, while requiring far less chemical dosage. Utilizing the ‘floc seeding method’ air and flocculation chemicals are entrained into the waste in a pressurized stream, trapping air within the flocs. When water returns  to ambient pressure air inside the flocs expands pushing out water and creating buoyant flocs. This concentrated sludge rises to the top where it can be easily separated..... Read More

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Lamella Clarifier -This type of clarifier consists of a mixing tank followed by incline tube settlers. Designed to work alongside the Floccin line of flocculent, the treated liquid flows up through the plate pack where solids build up and settle to the bottom of the sludge cone for collection, further treatment or dewatering...... Read More

Primary Treatment