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In-Situ Remediation

PulseOx - APTwater’s PulseOx in-situ chemical oxidation technology is based on an advanced oxidation process  (AOP) for the environmental remediation of soil and ground water. The system operates by injecting a sequence of pressurized pulses of ozone, hydrogen peroxide, oxygen and air directly into the chlorinated plume. This powerful hy­droxyl radical oxidation chemistry rapidly oxidizes a wide range of groundwater contaminants such as Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Chlorinated Solvents, Fuel Byproducts, PAH’s, Creosols, Phenols and Organics .....Read more

PulseOx-IWR - Save time and money, as no need to drill new injection wells. PulseOx advanced oxidation technology is also available as a compact In-Well Reactor (IRW). Each unit is placed directly into an existing monitoring wells drastically reducing installation costs.

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Pump and Treat

HiPOx - The HiPOx process is an advancement in the aplication of the advanced oxidation process (AOP). It uses multistep injection to create the powerful hydroxyl radical, the most powerful oxidant avilable in water treatment. The compact plug flow reactor can efficiently destroy a wide range of organic compounds and can help in remediation of groundwater contaminated by difficult-to-treat industrial chemicals such as  BTEX 1,4-dioxane, TCE, PCE, vinyl chloride, trichloropropane (TCP), dibromo-chloropropane (DBCP), and more.

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PulseOx trailer-mounted unit

Stabilization of Leachable Heavy Metals

ECOBOND - ECOBOND provides a quick reacting permanent stabilization of all heavy metals, with ease of application. The technology can be applied in a wet or dry form and can be used to stabilize metals in- situ or ex-situ. ECOBOND can be either surface applied and mixed into soil in its dry form, or sprayed in its wet form onto the contaminated material in a topical fashion. By being able to treat metals contamination to EPA or Universal Treatment Standards (UTS), stabilized waste can often be left on-site rather than transported off-site to a hazardous landfill. The disposal cost savings for stabilized metals can often be measured in the hundreds of dollars per ton......Read more

ECOBOND LBP - The ECOBOND LBP is a latex based coating that is applied directly onto surfaces coated with lead based paint. It provides an impermeable membrane that prevents lead from being released into the environment during demolition and creates a non-hazardous waste.....Read more

Lead Paint Abatement

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