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SBR - Purestream’s Sequencing Batch Reactor is a multistage process for the natural treatment of biological waste water. Selectively chose bacteria are cultured in the SBR and used for the advanced removal of nutrients, carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus. The reactor is filled with wastewater and a mixed liquor consisting of necessary micro-organisms where it is mixed and aerated if required. It is then allowed to react for the required time period under  either aerobic, anaerobic or anoxic conditions. Upon completion of the reaction, desired nutrient removal, the batch is settled and decanted to remove the treated water..... Read More

Sequencing Batch Reactor

Rotating Biological Contactor

RBC - Purestream’s rotating bio-reactor is a complete modular system that that includes a rotating biological contactor for BOD reduction. It allows for minimal land use while providing optimum treatment. The unit requires low energy consumption, minimal maintenance and with low installation costs it provides a cost effective treatment option over the life of the system..... Read More

Biologically Engineered Single Sludge Treatment

BESST - The result of incorporating 60 years of research, development and testing Purestream brings you the Biologically Engineered Single Sludge Treatment (BESST) advanced wastewater treatment system. Combining the principles of single sludge treatment with sludge blanket clarification into a single vessel the result is a system that offers a the highest degree of BOD, TSS and nutrient removal in a compact system. The BESST process has no capacity limits and can be used on any waste concentration or flowrates. Available in a single prefabricated steel package or installed into a concrete vessel ..... Read More

Extended Aeration

AER-O-FLO - This complete sewage treatment system is a great alternative to septic systems in locations where municipal treatment is not availible. Utilizing a coarse bubble diffuser and a hexagonal design to ensure there are no “dead spots” . The treatment plant provides the proper environment, sufficient oxygen and other elements which allow the bacteria to consume the organic matter and to live and multiply within the treatment plant. In this way the aerobic bacteria and microbes decompose the sewage and waste to a stable form, odour and nuisance free...... Read More

Membrane Bioreactor

ComPACT - Combining biological wastewater treatment with submerged membrane technology PACT has developed this advanced wastewater treatment that contains process elements of secondary and tertiary treatment into a single containerized package. Membrane separation eliminates the need for a conventional sedimentation tank and allows for high flowrates in a small footprint. Air is ejected at the foot of the membranes to keep the membrane surfaces clean and provide the oxygen for biological growth. This compact system produces a high quality effluent with a low turbidity and can achieve nearly complete TSS removal....... Read More

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Secondary Treatment