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Fine Media Filtration

Cooling Water Applications - Most cooling water contaminants are less than 5.0 micron, which can lead to fouling, corrosion and impair heat transfer. The Vortisand filter side stream application can remove over 90% of suspended particles, optimizing the efficiency of your cooling system while reducing downtime for cleaning.... Read More

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High Effeciency Filter System - The Vortisand high efficiency filter combines centrifugal separation with sand filtration.. Forcing the fluid in a tangential spin across the sand, the centrifugal force keeps the larger solids in suspension while the finer solids pass into the multi-layered fine sand media for removal.  During backwash all captured solids are quickly and easily released. Vortisand filters are physically smaller, require less backwash water, have longer run times and achieve a much finer filtration (down to 0.45 microns) when compared to conventional sand filters.... Read More

Scraper Strainers

Automatic Scraper Strainer - A continuous flow strainer with a rotating scraper mechanism. Liquid flows threw a Wedgewire screen where suspended solids are trapped. A spring-loaded scraper consisting of a blade and brush clean the screens. Solids are collected in the bottom of the strainer where they will be discharged by an automatic blowdown. Excellent for removing large and small particles in a variety of industrial applications.... Read More

Screen Filtration

V-Series Automatic Screen Filter - The VAF V-Series self cleaning filter is the most recent state-of-the-art screen filtration technology available today. A patented bidirectional screw controls suction nozzle for 100% screen cleaning with no motors, gears, switches or pistons. This results in less then 1% total flow flush rates with 70% fewer moving parts.... Read More

V-Series V3 Vertical Configuration - The VAF V-Series is also available in a vertical design providing all the efficiency of the V-Series filter with the lowest footprint.... Read More

V200PA Automatic Screen Filter - Ideal for flow rates from 20-220GPM the V200PA utilizing the V-series drive system to offer a cost effective solution for automatic filtration down to 10 μm. Constructed of glass reinforced nylon and 316L stainless steel the V200PA provides excellent corrosion resistance under a wide range of water quality conditions.... Read More

Disk Filtration

Automatic Turbo Disk Filter - The Miller-Leaman Turbo disk filter consists of a stack of compressed disks that collect sediment on the surface and throughout the depth of the disks. When the automatic backwash is initiated the filters are decompressed, spun and sprayed with filtered water resulting in efficient filter cleaning with far less water use then other processes.

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