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Thompson Strainer - A unique and yet brilliantly simply product. This patented design features a large conical screen element providing more surface area then traditional strainers. As water flows upward through the screen, heavier particulate is accelerated downward and collects in the reservoir at the base of the strainer, where it can be disposed via the flush port ..... Read More

Instrument packages -  The Thompson strainer can be equipped with a pressure differential alarm to alert maintenance when manual cleaning is required as well as an automatic flush timer package for routine clearing of the debris reservoir ..... Read More

Thompson SeaStrainer - Also available in type 316 stainless steel for the finest sea water strainer available ..... Read More

Keckley Strainers - Pureworld Solutions is proud to distribute high-quality Keckley pipeline strainers. Keckley features an extensive collection of fabricated `Y`and basket strainers. View the entire catalogue here.

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