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TSS Reduction

Microscreen Drum Filter - This automatic-cleaning, self-contained rotating drum filter is designed to provide the final polishing step to wastewater treatment operations. Featuring strong polyamide nylon filter media this compact design will efficiently remove final suspended solids from effluent streams to provide a high quality water stream or help you meet compliance...... Read More

FlowTex - The Entex FlowTex Disk Cloth Media Filter is a high performance tertiary filter designed to capture solids down to 10 microns. The fixed disk features a rotating suction head that never touches the surface of cloth media providing an extended filter life. FlowTex filters are easy to maintain and provide an excellent solution for treatment plants with limited space..... Read More

Centra-flo - Centra-flo is a gravity sand filter that utilizes counter-current filtration. The Centra-flo filter has no mechanical moving parts, with the only cost being the air for the airlift. Centra-flo can guarantee minimal operating and maintenance costs.....Read More

Metals Removal

Arsenic - BluePRO is also availible for Arsenic removal. Needing only one low reagent dose other treatment options simply cannot compare to the effeciency of the absorptive arsenic removal coupled with continuous regeneration of the absorptive media .....Read More

Mercury - Bluewater Technologies BluPRO is the most cost effective mercury removal process available. It is able to reduce both particulate and dissolved mercury by combining co-precipitation and adsorption with a continuous backflow filter.....Read More

Phosphorus- The BluePRO process is the leading technology for phosphorus reduction to any level. Blue Water’s unique chemical control system provides an advantage due to its cost efficiency and ability to seamlessly integrate into and respond to the needs of existing wastewater treatment systems. BluePro achieves maximizes phosphorus removal efficiency by providing a regenerative reactive surface within the media bed and relying on absorption. Since many plants requiring phosphorus mitigation also require nitrogen control, Blue Water provides the option to simultaneously denitrify in the same vessel as BluePRO.....Read More


Enhanced Nutrient Removal - Blue Water’s patented tertiary denitrificiation system, BlueNITE can reduce nitrates to less than 1 mg/L. BlueNITE can work with a variety of carbon sources to and can simultaneously reduce total phosphorus. The BlueNITE system works by using a fixed-film heterotrophic bacteria to convert nitrates to atmospheric nitrogen, solids and excess biomass are washed out in the sand washer and directed to the reject line, while the gas is released through the airlift. With it’s advanced equipment design and unique control system, Blue Water provides the most efficient and economically viable treatment solution. .....Read More

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Tertiary Treatment