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Water is a finite resource, and we must be responsible to preserve it. An unfortunate side effect of man’s progress is waste. Pureworld Solutions understands the importance of keeping our environment clean and is proud to deliver an extensive range of state of the art treatment equipment. Our innovative solutions will help keep your operations sustainable, maintain compliance with government regulations, and help us move towards a cleaner tomorrow.

Aeration - Oxygen supply is vital to all forms of aerobic biological treatment. Pureworld Solutions can supply highly efficient mechanical surface aerators, or highly efficient oxygen concentration systems to meet all your wastewater oxygen demand needs.

Primary Treatment - Primary treatment consists of screens and clarifiers for removal of the majority of the suspended solids from a wastewater stream.

Secondary Treatment - The secondary phase of the treatment process in which biological content in wastewater is degraded. Sludge is separated and can be dewatered or hauled away for treatment.

Tertiary Treatment - The final treatment stage before discharging to the environment, also known as effluent polishing. Pureworld Solutions carries equipment for removal of nutrients, metals and TSS.

Flocculents - Pureworld Solutions is proud to supply the FloccinTM line of flocculating agents. Developed by Integrated Engineers, Inc, These superior wastewater treatment chemicals have been designed, implemented, and constantly refined to maximize throughput, reduce inputs, increase efficiency and afford easy environmental compliance.

Polymer Make Down - To maximize the effectiveness of polymer addition proper mixing and dispersing is required. Pureworld Solutions can provide a number of innovative blending systems for either liquid or dry polymer.

Dewatering - Sludge dewatering is essential for reducing the high costs of off site disposal. Fully customizable plate and frame filter presses and rotary fan presses are available to help you start taking advantage of this cost saving today.

Zero Liquid Discharge - For situations where industries are prohibited to discharge liquid waste, or where scarcity of water demands water recovery, there is zero liquid discharge. Proven technology eliminates liquid waste by converting it to disposable dry solids.

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