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Water Softening is the reduction of calcium, magnesium and other metal cations in water. Watertrak water softening units utilize a strong acid cation resin to bring water hardness to commercially zero. They include a brine ejector system and can be upgraded to include a brine maker and regeneration system more

LSV Series For high flow systems where low pressure drops or other specific requirements are necessary Watertrak has developed the LSV series of water softeners. The TRAKlink technology improves adaptability to ensure that all your softening requirements can  be  integrated into this system more

Salt Free Scale Control Media  Using a process known as ‘Template Induced’, or ‘Epitaxial Crystallization’ WaterGuard Scale control media extracts d1issolved lime from water, such that it will not re-deposit on the inside of pipes. The media surface  accelerates  the  natural  tendency of  lime to crystallize,

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which would otherwise form limescale and could buildup on downstream piping and equipment. Instead of forming inside pipe, the lime builds up on the media surface until it forms large “activated lime” crystals and will be washed away by the water flow. Existing downstream scale will over time crystallize along with the activated lime, cleaning the pipe over time. No chemicals or salts are required, no electrical consumption, and zero maintenance is more

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