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Clean water is essential to maintaining healthy people, healthy system operations and a healthy environment. If you are looking to purify drinking water, remove contaminants or require ultra-pure water for efficient process operations, Pureworld Solutions is prepared to help you with these or any other water quality issue that you may have. Partnered with many state of the art equipment manufacturers, we can provide innovative treatment solutions to help you increase efficiency, reduce waste, and save money today.

Metals Removal - Filtration units and chemical additives for the removal of metals (arsenic, iron, manganese, cadmium, zinc, radium, ect) from water.

Remediation - Equipment and products for reduction of contaminants in groundwater or soil.

Membrane Technology - Process equipment that separates contaminants such as salts and dissolved minerals  through semi-permeable tubular membranes, resulting in high quality water. Complete systems or replacement membranes are available.

Desalination - Membrane and thermal distillation plants for removing salt content from seawater.

Ultrapure Technology - Ion exchange and electrodeionization equipment for final polishing of treated water to generate ultrapure water.

Water Softeners - Equipment for removing hardness in water (calcium and magnesium ions) to prevent scaling and corrosion.

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