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Pureworld Solutions Inc. is partnered with many North American manufacturers to provide you with the highest quality filters and filtration equipment. Whether you are looking for hard to find replacement filters, or trying to solve a new filtration problem, Pureworld can provide you with the cost effective solutions your process needs.

Cartridge Filters - A cylindrical cartridge constructed of either depth or pleated media assembled around a central core.  Cartridge filters are used for the reduction, removal or classification of undesirable suspended particulate, gels, organics or bacteria which are present in a fluid.

Bag Filters -  Bag filters are made from either needle punched felt or woven mesh in single or multi-layer configurations, and offer a wide range of particle size removal.  Bag filters are used for the reduction, removal or classification of undesirable suspended particulate, gels or organics which are present in a fluid.

Strainers - A stainless steel perforated plate or mesh screen in a housing that can be easily cleared and reused. Generally used for the removal of larger particles to protect downstream process equipment. Strainers can be either a single unit inline or as a duplex strainer for continual flow applications.

Self Cleaning - Pressurized -  Allowing a process to operate without the need for someone to regularly replace plugged filter elements.  These Automatic self cleaning filters are installed on a pressurized system, and initiate a cleaning cycle based on build up of differential pressure, or a set time frequency. Self cleaning pressurized filters are available with a multi-media sand bed, wedgewire screen, or woven screen.

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Self Cleaning - Gravity -  When it is not possible or desirable to pressurize a system, gravity filters can be used. They use a gravity feed system to distribute the flow to the sand or screen filtration media. Cleaning is either continuous or on a set frequency, depending on filter type.

Filter Housings - Pureworld offers a complete and highly diversified line of cartridge and bag filter housings to suit any application. Available in single or multi-round configurations and various engineered materials.