Combined Headworks Unit

Noggerath® Combined Unit TOP / TOP-F

Combines complete mechanical pre-treatment in a single compact unit. Wastewater fine screening, screenings dewatering, grit separation with the option of fat, oil and grease (FOG) removal – all in one system.

Unique Features

  • Residual materials separated according to screenings, settling solids and floating solids
  • Mechanical pre-cleaning in extremely limited space
  • Low requirements for structural conditions
  • Sophisticated design for efficient and low-maintenance operation
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The Noggerath® Combined Units Combi replace the complete inlet stage of a conventional wastewater treatment plant and are appreciated worldwide for their extreme flexibility: Whether unaerated or aerated design, whether installation above ground or in a channel, whether pump or gravity feed – almost any option is possible. This also includes the fact that the Combined Units can be configured with different screening processes and screenings or grit washers can be integrated in a fully encapsulated design. During operation, the grease trap is cleared automatically by means of a robust chain conveyor and works independently of the water level. The aerated grit chambers are designed in accordance with ATV guidelines.

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