What is The Revolution?

The Revolution is a high-speed, vertical gyroscopic attrition mill that employs a controlled, segmented vortex air stream, identical to that of a tornado, to process, homogenize, de-odorize, remove moisture and reduce particle size in various waste streams.

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Primary Reduction

The Revolution provides low-cost-per-ton primary reduction, as well as direct reduction-to-size for many materials. Revolution intake opening is 91.44 cm High x 152.4 cm Wide (36”H x 60”W).

  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Industrial Wastes
  • Manufacturing Seconds
  • Ore and Aggregate
  • C&D Debris
  • Tires
  • Mine Ore

Regrind or Finish Sizing

Adjustable to size particles down to powders, the Revolution regrinds to size, eliminating the need to screen compost or other soil components.

  • Compost
  • Hog Fuel
  • Mine Ore
  • Manures & Bio-Solids
  • Green Waste

Moisture Reduction

The Revolution can be configured to produce an internal 354 KM/H (220 MPH) jet stream of air that removes as much as 50% of moisture content by weight from materials during the reduction process.

  • Paper Mill Sludge
  • Industrial Wastes
  • Partially Solidified Bio-Solids
  • Manures
  • Food Waste
  • Tailings and Mining

Blending & Mixing

The Revolution can provide unequaled high-speed blending and mix at a particle level.

  • Lime Process Blending
  • Soil Stabilization & Remediation
  • Custom Compost Applications
  • Admixture Particle Level Mixing


Operational Benefits

Low Cost Per Ton

  • No grinding media required
  • Operating time 24/7 using auto greasers for maintenance

Energy Efficient

  • Processes 840 tons with the same energy that competitors consume in 1 ton

Volume Reduction

  • Volume is reduced up to 70%
  • Can mill down to 45 microns

Moisture Reduction

  • Moisture is reduced 20-60%

One Pass Wonder

  • In most applications, sizing is reduced on only one pass

Design Benefits

Wear Factors

  • Liners and impellers bolt in and out


  • Infinite custom sizing depending on application, locally sourced, designed for a quick change in the field in less than 5 minutes

Shear Bolts

  • Economical, fast and easy to replace, locally sourced, provides unequalled protection against tramp metals

Interior Armor Plate Replacement

  • AR 400 or AR 500. can be turned once, rarely need replacing


  • Located on exterior, easily maintained, should last several years


  • Replace every six months as needed

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