Contra-Shear Drum Screen

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Maximize solids dewatering and process with new design and features

Following the tradition and a long track record, the Contra-Shear Next Generation offers improved features and innovations that will assist every user in realizing their journey towards environmental sustainability. They increase solids dewatering and capture rate, expand the range of viable applications, and increase the visibility of the screening process.

Its self-cleaning, internally fed rotary fine screen relies on the shear force effect created by rotation of the drum to enhance the separation of solids from the effluent. Screened effluent passes through the Vee-Wire® slots into a tank from where it is pumped for further processing. Solids in the dewatering zone amalgamate and are continuously rolled on account of the rotation of the screen drum, resulting in further reduction of liquid content

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The Contra-Shear Next Generation design significantly simplifies maintenance, and features an external rack and pinion drive mounted on the clean side of the screen, leaving no impurities on drive elements as well as good accessibility during maintenance. There are no chains, sprockets, oilers, or virtually any other wearing parts or lubrication required. An angled frame rail prevents settling of solids/liquids inside the machine by removing flat surfaces. Additionally, trommel support wheels have been redesigned to allow replacement insitu without drum removal or lifting. Clear side view hatches have been added to view the process. Available in 304 & 316 stainless steel, the Contra-Shear Next Generation provides efficient solids separation, thickening and dewatering while screening the liquids for water reuse, clarification or discharge.

Other Contra-Shear Versions:


In-Channel rotary fine screen, with Vee-Wire drum and Integral Drainer Screw Press for solids removal.

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Fully enclosed rotary fine screen, with Vee-Wire drum.

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  • Food & beverage
  • Pulp & paper
  • Water/wastewater treatments
  • Water intake
  • Sugar processing
  • Process that requires precise dewatering and solid/ liquid separation
  • Maximizes dewatering capabilities thanks to exclusive Contra-Shear technology
  • Enhances hygiene in processes by reducing the risk of contamination with the innovative lube-free design
  • Reduces downtime and the need of labor and consumables with an easy to maintain design
  • Streamlines equipment needs with an engineered weir design that allows use of either smaller or fewer machines
  • Direct drive – no chain or lubrication required
  • In situ trunnion replacement that eliminates the need for drum removal or lifting
  • Clear view inspection hatches as a standard option
  • Stainless steel hatches also still available
  • Expanded range and sizes
  • Maintenance free sealed for life stainless steel bearings

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