Fryer Oil Treatment

Fryer Oil Treatment

MAGNESOL® is a safe, pure white compound that removes both solid and dissolved impurities from used oil to provide extended oil life.

Your oil stays clear and clean so that you can provide the customer with consistent, crisp and golden delicious fried foods.

    MAGNESOL® meets the food grade specifications of the:

  • FDA
  • NSF
  • JECFA of WHO

Improve oil life up to 50%.

How It Works

Filtering oil every day with MAGNESOL® not only removes food debris from oil but also extracts soluble liquid impurities that contribute to off flavors and odors of used oil. Unlike ordinary filter powders, MAGNESOL® particles act like a magnet to attract and remove the dissolved tastes and odors that can spoil fried food.

  • Filter oil a minimum of one time per day, when most convenient for your operations

  • Use a fresh piece of filter media and MAGNESOL® filter powder before starting the filtration process

  • Be sure to circulate the oil for at least 5 minutes during the filtration process

  • Use a tracking sheet to track your daily filtration & disposal habits

  • The decision to discard oil should always be made after the fryer is filtered

  • Let us customize an oil management program for you

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    Six Enemies of Frying Oil

  • AIR

    Air bubbles that are pumped into oil during filtering causes oxidation and impacts flavor.

    Example: Leaving the filter pump on after all oil has been pumped out of filter tank.

    Prevention: Keep frying vats covered and recirculate oil for 5 minutes during filtering.

  • HEAT

    Fryers left at high temperatures causes oil to oxidize faster.

    Example: Leaving fryers on while unused.

    Prevention: Turn off fryers when not in use. Calibrate fryers and set to recommended temperatures.

  • SOAP

    Soap produces alkaline flavor and causes oil to darken.

    Example: Soap residue from improperly rinsed tools or from cleaning fry vat with soap.

    Prevention: Use only hot water to clean inside of fry vats. Properly rinse and dry all tools.


    Breading and small pieces of food carbonize and cause a chemical reaction that leads to oil breakdown.

    Example: Fried food crumbs left in the oil.

    Prevention: Skim vats frequently and clean carbon build-up frequently.


    Water from products, steam, and cleaning break down oil through hydrolysis and causes oil to darken and smoke.

    Example: Filter tank is not dry before oil is drained from fryer or excess ice from frozen products.

    Prevention: Avoid filling baskets directly over open fryer. Make sure all equipment is completely dry before use.

  • SALT

    Salt from marinades and breading breaks down oil life.

    Example: Salting food before frying.

    Prevention: Avoid seasoning food over open vats.

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