120° Sieve Bend Screens

Johnson Screens 120° Sieve Bend Screens

Johnson Screens offers curved and flat Vee-Wire® screens for 120° sieve bend boxes.

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The screening ability of the screen is determined by its percentage open area. Our screens have up to 50 percent more open area because of our greater range of narrower wire profiles.

The wires can be as narrow as 0.5 mm / 0.020 in. and up in 0.25 mm / 0.010 in. increments. These screens are available in both standard Vee-Wire® welded construction and also looped wire construction.

Our innovative split-sieve concept allows for easy screen handling of the larger width 120° sieve bend screens, particularly those 1.5 m / 59 in. and over. This is a major benefit because of the reduced size and weight of the screens and it reduces the risk of injury. Johnson Screens’ brand of 120° sieve bend screens can be designed for use in both static and vibratory assemblies. For more information on 120° Sieve Bend Screens please contact us.

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