Reject Drum Baskets

Johnson Screens Reject Drum Baskets

Johnson Screens’ reject drum baskets are available both in Vee-Wire®, slotted design and with drilled holes. Johnson Screens’ reject drum baskets can be used in new drums, or replace worn or broken baskets for most brands and types of reject drums.

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Johnson Screens’ reject drums are used to separate fibers from light weight pulper rejects. Reject is transported by means of helicoidally arranged blades inside the screen drum basket. An external and internal jet wash system is used to keep the slots or holes clean and improve the separation of fibers and rejects.

The design of the drum, in-feed arrangement, vanes and wash system are optimized for every process and raw material separately. The recovered fibers are collected in the vat under the drum and rejects are discharged at the end of the drum. The drum is horizontal or slightly inclined, depending on needed retention time.

Johnson Screens’ reject drum baskets are made for most makes and models. We can retrofit screens for almost any drum in the industry. We make reject drum screen in wedgewire, drilled holes, punch or perforated plate and milled slots.

Johnson Screens can make drum baskets in most any alloy, helping to increase the life of your reject drum screens to reduce overall plant costs and maintenance. Our robust designs stand up to environment they are working in.

  • Drilled hole basket
  • Perforated plate
  • New drums
  • Replacement drums
  • Slotted design
  • Continuous slot
  • Specialty alloy selection
  • Washes Pulp from reject materials 

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