Resi-Flex Systems

Johnson Screens Resi-Flex Systems™

The Resi-Flex™ range of screening panels combine design innovation, “Fit for Duty” material and world class sizing, cleaning, de-watering and manufacturing technology, to deliver beneficiation process improvements and longer product life cycle solutions to your mineral processing applications.

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Unique Selling Point

The Resi-Flex™ product range has the ability to incorporate multiple surface media material like:

  • Polyurethane – flexible in apperture and fixing designs, lighter in weight allowing for efficient servicing and maintenance; 
  • Vee-Wire® – providing world class screening technology delivering greater open area resulting in improved process yield and efficiency;
  • Perforated Plate – available in a variety of apertures and material grades to suit your scalping specifications; 
  • Rubber – offering exceptional wear capability whilst reducing noise, blinding and pegging. 

    With world class Vee-Wire® and Polyurethane manufacturing under one roof, Johnson Screens® delivers product with superior quality that remains cost-effective.


The Resi-Flex™ range of screening panels are adding value in a wide range of mining process applications in coal, iron ore, gold, copper, phosphate, lead, zinc, bauxite, sand and gravel and many other minerals.

Our screening systems are simple, tough and effective, designed to maximise your process yield and efficiency. Our panel designs include a variety of aperture and fixing systems, available in Polyurethane, Vee-Wire®, Perforated Plate and/or Rubber.

Design Features

Our screening solutions are designed with greater open area without compromising aperture size to improve your classification, de-watering and media recovery. At the same time maintaining the nominal cut point deeper into the life of the screen, which ensures greater particle size control, which will improve asset efficiencies in your downstream operations.

This product range calls on the vast industry experience of our sales and process teams to tailor our supply and service offer to suit your needs, with the primary focus on innovative design, including key features like:

  • Solid moulded construction (eliminating polyurethane lamination failure);
  • Broad range of aperture configurations (solutions to pegging, blinding and media recovery);
  • Range to material combinations and surface treatment selections (combating wear and material degradation).

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