Rotating Sieve Screens

Johnson Screens Rotating Sieve Screens

Johnson Screens’ Rotary Sieve allows for large flows to be pumped over the Vee-Wire sieve screen inside, which separates the liquids and solids as the system rotates.

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The slurry is pumped into the rotary sieve, and the liquid and smaller solids pass through the slots in the screen. Larger solids travel down the length of the screen to the discharge end.

Rotary Sieves can be manufactured in either 304 or 316 stainless steel, and come in any size diameter and length. The screens inside the rotary sieve are specially designed to fit the specifications of each rotary sieve and are available separately from the rotary sieve itself. They are ideal for replacing worn out screens in existing applications.

Based on the screening needs, the slot and wire sizes can be individualized to each process.

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