Woven Wire

Johnson Screens® Woven Wire

Johnson Screens® offers a range of Stainless Steel and High Tensile Woven Wire screens. Woven Wire Screens are proven to stand the test of even the most difficult scalping and classification screening applications, for mineral processing and aggregate/gravel industries.

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Unique Selling Point

Aperture/weave combinations include square, long slot, double chute and triple chute, harp (Agavibe) and piano wire screens.

  • Available in a variety of wire sizes.
  • Agavibe screens use a harp wire pattern for difficult to screen materials, assisting sticky, moist or near-size material to pass the screen.
  • Woven Wire Screens limit pegging and blinding in the most difficult screening applications.


Johnson Screens® Woven Wire Screens are manufactured using stainless steel and high tensile material. The wires are woven forming a weave pattern; allowing for exceptional open area and superior performance. The increased percentage of open area provided by Woven Wire screens reduces the issue of pegging (near size material nesting in square openings) and blinding of the screen deck.

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