MRT Rotary Drum Microfilter

MRT Rotary Drum Microfilter

For decades, liquid filtration systems of semi submerged rotating type drums have proven to be highly efficient and reliable in removing solids. Depending on the filter element, solids can be removed as small as 20 micron in size.

The Johnson Screens submerged rotating drum screen is designed filter large volumes of water with low contents of suspended solids, presenting a high hydraulic capacity to size ratio.

The filter element is a polyester mesh welded on cross- linked polypropylene panels, which are mounted on the rotary drum.

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A high-pressure pump feeds the cleaning system using flat fan spray nozzles to clean solids from the mesh. The automatic mesh cleaning requires no external water supply, using the filtered water from the effluent

Applications include water withdrawal from rivers or lakes for urban or industrial use. Widely used in hatcheries and has great potential for agribusiness, paper, cellulose, mining, thermoelectric and any activity that requires large volumes of water.

Available in three configurations to suit your application:

MRT-PC Channel Equipment
MRT-CE Self-Contained Equipment
MRT-PE Above Channel Equipment

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