Grit Washer GW / GWL

Noggerath Grit Washer GW / GWL

More environmentally conscious disposal and significant reduction of costs by lowering the amount of organic matter in the washed grit.

Aqseptence Group offers you the largest range of grit washing systems worldwide and the most comprehensive variety of constructional and process technological designs. We are, therefore, able to optimally tailor the sand treatment process to meet your specific requirements.

The Noggerath® Sand Washer GWC provides a significant reduction in the amount of residue grit for disposal and, therefore, considerable savings on transport costs are achieved. The recirculation of the washed organic matter leads to an increase in nutrient availability. This means that an addition of external carbon might not be necessary for the denitrification process and there is also an overall improvement in gas production in the sludge digestion.

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Unique Selling Point

  • Significant reduction in disposal costs due to lowering of the percentage of organic matter to ≤ 3%
  • Significant reduction in storage and transport costs due to reduction in mass of up to 85%, depending on the raw material
  • Washed grit throughput 0.1 – 1.0 m³/h
  • Coarse solids processible up to 35 mm
  • Less fine sand discharge and lower wash water consumption
  • Less turbulence in the washing zone and, therefore, a low ascending speed


Grit Washer GW:

The Grit Washer GW (dry-fed) is designed to wash out the organic matter from pre-dewatered grit trap settlings or from sewer grit. The organic constituents are mechanically dissolved by means of an integrated agitator or swirled up and washed out by an infeed of washing water in an up-current flow process. The washed constituents are flushed out with the rinsing water through the outlet connections and conducted into the wastewater treatment plant for further processing. The washed grit is discharged from the grit washing tank by means of a spiral conveyor which operates in an interval mode.

Grit Washer GWL:

The Grit Washer GWL (wet-fed) operates additionally with an upstream installed longitudinal grit trap to cope with larger infeed loads or to enable the washing of grit/water mixtures such as, for example, sewer grit. As a result of the buffer volume of the longitudinal grit trap and the resulting calming of the flow, the contaminated grit sinks directly into the grit collector spiral under its own weight. The water is conducted into the subsequent wastewater treatment process. The contaminated grit is transported to the washer by the rotating movement of the bottom spiral. The grit washing process is equivalent to that of the Grit Washer GW as described above.


Grit Treatment

Aqseptence Group grit classifias and grit washers are utilised to reduce the water content, or respectively the organic content, in wastewater treatment processes and thus contribute to both cost effectiveness and the protection of the…


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