Rotary Drum Screen RSH

Noggerath Rotary Drum Screen RSH

All Noggerath® RSH drum screens are reliable, tested horizontal working screening systems with automatic cleaning device. The proven system reliably separates floating, greasy and sticky solids or impurities from a liquid phase for further disposal or, if necessary, recovery of recyclable materials.

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  • Noggerath Trommelsieb RSH-E
  • Noggerath Trommelsieb RSH-I
  • Increased Carbon Extraction:
      Noggerath Trommelsieb RSH-M / RSH-MG


The process or waste water is fed to the back of the horizontal screening drum via the inlet chamber, where the solids content is effectively separated. The separated solids are transported from the slotted screen drum by means of constant, gentle rotation to the solids scraper where they fall into a solid container, a press or a conveyor.

The screen drum is driven by a lateral geared motor. An internal spray water device is integrated in the screen drum (motor shaft as hollow shaft).

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