Multi-Rake Bar Screen KUR-C / KUR-HD

Passavant Multi-Rake Bar Screen KUR-C / KUR-HD

The new Passavant® Multi-Rake Bar Screen KUR-C / KUR-HD from Aqseptence Group is a complete redesign of its successful predecessor, the tried and tested KUR. Innovative production processes have succeeded in creating a top quality product which is characterised by its economic efficiency and excellent cleaning performance.

This is achieved by the utilization of flow-optimised screen bar profiles, which are tailored to hydraulic requirements, together with variably adaptable cleaning elements which can be adjusted, both in type and number, to suit the respective transport task and the requirements of the cleaning cycle.

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Unique Selling Point

  • Exact meshing of the teeth into the bar rack due to alignment guide system
  • Automatic stripping device by means of stripping ledge
  • Reverse operation to remove obstacles in the bar rack
  • No bearings below the waterline
  • No dead spaces (deposits) in front of the bar rack when using curved screen bars
  • Low maintenance, low wear and tear due to:
  • individually replaceable sprocket teeth on the drive unit – maintenance-free stainless steel roller chain


The cleaning cycle starts as soon as the drive is activated, in order to reduce the difference in water levels caused by screenings accumulating in the bar rack. During the ascending cycle, such screenings are completely removed by the cleaning elements which penetrate into the screen bars. The screenings are then collected and conveyed to the discharge point from where they are pushed, by means of an automatic stripping device, down a discharge chute to the screenings collection tank, conveyor belt, etc. The screen cleaning cycle is repeated until the difference in water levels has been completely removed.

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