PureFloc (rebranded from Floccin) – Flocculents

PureFloc Flocculent

PureFloc products are a granular one-step wastewater treatment product that replaces the traditionally used (and often hazardous) coagulants and flocculants.

Each distinct PureFloc blend provides a multitude of reactions for wastewater treatment that simultaneously coagulate, break emulsified oils in water, ion exchange to encapsulate metals & contaminants, and form large flocks to separate solids from the water stream.

PureFloc is designed to work effectively over a wide pH range, generally eliminating the need to chemically adjust pH prior to treatment.

    This single product is designed to remove or greatly reduce the following:

  • BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand)
  • TSS (Total Suspended Solids)
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
  • EC (Electrical Conductivity)
  • Emulsified Fats, Oils and Grease
  • Phosphates

  • Metals
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PureFloc provides the following advantages over traditional wastewater chemistries:
  • Reduced Quantity of Chemicals
  • Reduced Costs
  • Enhanced BOD/TSS Removal
  • Reduced Impact on TDS/EC
  • Works Over Broader pH Ranges (4 to 12)
  • Increased Settling Rates
  • Increased Hydraulic Capacity
  • Increased Floc Size
  • Improved Floc Shear and Mixing
  • Heavy Metals Removal
  • Sludge Leachability Tests with reduced Environmental Liability

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