Thompson Strainer

Thompson Strainer

The Thompson Strainer is our highly efficient, patented stainless steel strainer which features a large conical screen, offering substantially more screen surface area versus traditional y-strainers or basket strainers.

The strainer has a unique design: as water enters the bottom of the strainer housing and flows upward, heavier debris and particulate is accelerated downward, away from the conical screen, into the large debris reservoir at the base of the strainer. The particulate is then flushed from the reservoir via the debris flush port. Due to the large amount of screen surface area, all models operate with less than a 1-PSI pressure loss at maximum flow when clean. The strainers are available with a wide variety of screen mesh options, ranging from large perforated hole-openings down to approximately 50-micron. They can be customized to fit the specific requirements of the project and can be outfitted with optional Instrumentation Packages.

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Specs & Documentations

Model Number GPM Screen Surface Area Inlet Outlet Style Lid Type Max Pressure Rating Flush Port Connection Size PDF
MLS-2 100 122 sq. in. 2”/NPT Clamp 125 PSI 1 ½ NPT
MLS-3 200 200 sq. in. 3”/NPT Clamp 125 PSI 1 ½ NPT
MLS-4C 350 367 sq. in. 4”/FLANGED Clamp 125 PSI 1 ½ NPT
MLS-4B 350 367 sq. in. 4”/FLANGED Bolted 150 PSI 1 ½ NPT
MLS-6 750 745 sq. in. 6”/FLANGED Bolted 150 PSI 1 ½ NPT
MLS-8 1300 1,559 sq. in. 8”/FLANGED Bolted 150 PSI 1 ½ NPT
MLS-10 2000 2,434 sq. in. 10”/FLANGED Bolted 150 PSI 1 ½ NPT
MLS-12 3000 2,434 sq. in. 12”/FLANGED Bolted 150 PSI 1 ½ NPT
MLS-14 4000 2,434 sq. in. 14”/FLANGED Bolted 150 PSI 1 ½ NPT
Instrumentation Files
Pressure Differential Alarm Package (PDA)
Automatic Timer Flush Package (ATF)
Name File
MLS-2-MOD21 2.5 inch Flanged SIDE Inlet 1.5 inch NPT Bottom Flush Elbowed
MLS-3-MOD5 Flanged I & O
MLS-4B-MOD6 Bottom Flush
MLS-4B-MOD10 2-inch Flanged I&O, SS Internals, 2-inch BFP Leg Assembly
MLS-4C-MOD20 Demo Sanitary Rinse Nozzle, 2-inch I&O, 2-inch Ferrule Bottom Flush Leg Assembly
MLS-6-MOD32 Rinse Nozzle, 6-inch I&O, SS Internals, 3-inch NPT Bottom Flush w/ATF Leg Assembly
MLS-6-MOD38 Rinse Nozzle, PVC Internals, 2-inch NPT Bottom Flush w/ATF Leg Assembly
MLS-10-T316-MOD18 Rinse Nozzle, SS Internals, 3-inch Flanged Bottom Flush Leg Assembly
TSM4B(2)x4-T304-MOD1 MLS-4B Duplex
TSM6(2)x6-T304-MOD2 MLS-6 Duplex
TSM8(2)x8-T304 MLS-8 Duplex w/Isolation Valves
TSM10(2)x16-T304 MLS-10 Duplex w/Isolation Valves
TSM10(6)x16-T316L MLS-10 Multiplex w/Isolation Valves
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Document Name File
Thompson Strainer Owner's Manual
Thompson Strainer Fast Fax
Thompson Strainer Efficiency Curves
Thompson Strainer Data Sheet
Thompson Strainer Mesh/Micron Data Sheet
Spray Nozzle Addendum to Thompson Strainer Owner's Manual
Thompson Strainer Cut-Sheet
Thompson Strainer Sample Specification
HVAC & Process Cooling Presentation
Spare Parts PDF
MLS-02 Parts
MLS-03 Parts
MLS-4C Parts
MLS-4B Parts
MLS-06 Parts
MLS-08 Parts
MLS-10 Parts
MLS-12 Parts

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