Typhoon Hydramix, difficult powders

Typhoon Hydramix

  • Used to blend a variety of dry materials
  • Especially suited for extreme fine or difficult powders
  • Used to mix, blend, hydrate or disperse.
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The pressurized motive fluid (water) is supplied to the “Typhoon” housing by means of a tangential inlet and forced through a complex matrix in the “Typhoon” insert. The flow of the motive fluid through the matrix creates a negative pressure zone, which increases the surface area and mixing capability of the process materials. The Typhoon devise is mounted on top of the process/mix tank where the dilution water and powders interface and are driven into the vessel, thus significantly reducing the potential of any fine particles from escaping to the environment, providing a safe working area.

Operational Sequence Mix Tank

  • Operational Sequence Application/Storage Tank
  • Water inlet valve opens.
  • (Optional) booster pump starts.
  • Flow rate confirmed.
  • Tank water level rises, lower mixer propeller immersed.
  • Mixer motor starts.
  • Volumetric feeder starts & feeds polymer.
  • At 80% tank level the feeder stops
  • Water continues completes the fill cycle.
  • The mixer continues until sufficient polymer hydration is achieved.

Operational Sequence Application/Storage Tank

  • Ratio to Mix tank best at 2:1 or more.
  • Tank level drops to predetermined volume.
  • Requires Sufficient capacity receive the entire contents of the mix tank

Standard Components:

  • Piping 316 SS B31.3 welded & flanged construction.
  • SS hopper assembly w/level sensor
  • Double latch hermetically sealed access door
  • Removable hopper/feeder safety screen
  • TripKO Volumetric Feeder w/conditionerauger
  • VFD Feeder speed controller and auxiliary timer
  • Magnetic flow meter – source water, failsafe.
  • All required check valves 316 SS
  • Electrical certification UL/CSA


  • Custom engineering and design
  • Electric hoist & trolley
  • Supply hopperconditioningauger
  • Dust collector
  • Client specified instruments &components.
  • Loss of weight feed systems
  • Optional tank construction, materialselection &configuration
  • Electrical certification / CE
  • Double latch access door w/viewingwindow.
  • Knife gate hopper isolation valve
  • Multi-stage booster pump
  • Rapid Fill System

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