Ultraviolet Disinfection (UV)

UV Disinfection

NeoTech Aqua Solutions offers the most reliable and efficient UV technology available for destroying or neutralizing microorganisms in water. With systems ranging from eleven gallons per minute to 4.3 million gallons per day, we offer a comprehensive product line to suit your needs.

NeoTech Aqua’s UV disinfection product offerings meet or exceed FDA and other regulatory requirements, including current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and the USP monographs for Purified Water and Water-for-Injection. We only use the highest quality stainless steel, the most efficient quartz sleeves, Viton® gaskets, and surface finishes that comply with the most stringent pharmaceutical and water-for-injection (WFI) requirements (Ra-15).

Each of our units utilizes low pressure amalgam lamps for the maximum UV output per kilowatt. Using our patented ReFleX™ technology and a NIST-traceable UV Intensity Monitor, we provide our clients 100% Dosage Assurance™ so your disinfection requirements can be reliably met without post-UV assays.

NeoTech Aqua Solutions’ UV technology is compliant with NSF-Standard 50 for pools/spas and is recognized by NSF as a reliable treatment technology for inactivating the deadly cryptosporidium protozoa.

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Designed for reliable, uniform dosage, RefleX UV Chambers can scale from systems ranging from 10 gallons per minute to millions of gallons per day. UV intensity monitors provide 100% dosage assurance – without the need for post-UV assays

RefleX UV Chambers can provide water that meets or exceeds EPA and other regulatory requirements including current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and USP monographs for Purified Water and Water-for-Injection – and offer an excellent option for new double pass RO designs. 

RefleX UV Chamber technology is also compliant with NSF-Standard 61, meaning that all of the materials used in the unit that make contact with water are safe and will not leach harmful chemicals.

Simply a brighter idea.

RefleX UV Chambers offer more performance options and energy efficiency in less space.

  • 99% of UV light is reflected within the chamber
  • 75% fewer lamps for less maintenance time and cost
  • 1/3 the size of conventional chambers
  • 80% less energy use for cooler operation and improved efficiency

RefleX UV Chambers are designed for high performance, low maintenance, and lower energy consumption.

Patented technology inside RefleX UV Chambers return over 99.8% of the light generated back into the water. This highly efficient chamber reflectivity enables smaller skid and system designs with a significant reduction in the number and size of lamps, power consumption and heat dissipation.

RefleX UV Chambers mount in any direction with flexible end cap design for simplified plumbing.

99.8% of UV is reflected
back into the water using
patented chamber technology.

Vertical or horizontal orientation
for space-saving skid designs.

Compact footprint
with rotating plumbing
design options.

Fewer and shorter lamps
run cooler requiring less

Lamp replacement is dry
and tool-less.

NIST-traceable UV-intensity
meters provide real-time
dosage assurance.

RefleX systems operate on
120V or 230V single-phase

More performance in less space

Whether it’s up to a 75% reduction in operating costs, or the confidence of 100% Dosage Assurance, however you look at it, RefleX UV Chambers provide more performance and efficiency in less space than conventional UV systems:

  • Compact Chambers: 1/3 the footprint of conventional systems with less space needed for lamp/sleeve change-out.
  • Compact Controller: A single control box can operate up to four chambers.
  • Fewer and Smaller Lamps: 1/4 as many as lamps than conventional chambers.
  • Less Electricity: Fewer lamps use up to 75% less energy.
  • Less Mercury: Fewer lamps mean 80% less mercury.
  • Less Maintenance: Fewer lamps, tool-less dry change-out of lamps and UV monitor replacement.

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