WMH Series – High TDS Feed Water 2,000 to 4,000 GPD


Designed to produce low dissolved solids water from high TDS tap or well water, these wall-mountable RO systems use high efficiency reverse osmosis membranes. The RO product water is used in applications such as spot free rinse, water stores, whole house, labs, ice makers, humidification, misting and a wide variety of other applications.

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  • The convenient, space efficient wall mountable reverse osmosis systems are substantially lower in cost than frame-mounted RO systems and are more cost-effective to ship.
  • WMH Series RO systems are expandable to allow for quick, easy and cost effective upgrades to systems in the field. Simply purchase and install the appropriate expansion kit assembly to increase your system capacity at any time down the road.
  • These reverse osmosis systems use the proven, reliable components and are mounted on a sturdy powder-coated metal mounting backplate. There are numerous design details learned from years of experience that are incorporated in our water filtration systems. Our process and fluid design ensures an optimum membrane life and minimizes the membrane fouling.
  • Over 30 years of experience is reflected in our quality
  • Compact, heavy-duty, powder coated frame
  • Proven components used throughout the system
  • Conservatively engineered for reliable, long term performance
  • Factory tested to ensure trouble-free operation
  • Over 10,000 commercial/industrial systems in operation in over 100 countries worldwide
  • Made in USA

Ordering Details for WMH Series Wall Mount High TDS RO Systems

RO System Model No.

RO System

RO Membrane

Inlet/Outlet LineSizes  (NPT, Inches) RO System
Dimensions (in/cm)
Approx. Shipping Weight
GPD m³/day Qty. Size
Inlet Permeate Concentrate Length Depth Height





4 × 40











4 × 40







Notes and Voltage/ Ordering Information

  • All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  • Capacity Basis: 24 hrs/day
  • Systems rated at: 77°F (25°C) using 5000 ppm sodium chloride solution operating at approx. 200-250 psi pressure.
  • Minimum feed pressure to RO System:40-60 PSI. System capacity changes significantly with water temperature
  • Chlorine must be removed with a carbon filter prior to the RO system, if present in the feed water.
  • Pretreatment for water hardness using a softener or antiscalant injection should be added to avoid scaling the membranes.
  • Feed water turbidity: Less than 1 NTU; Feed water silt density index (SDI): 3 maximum. If exceeded, pretreatment with media filter recommended. All pretreatment equipment and SDI test kits are available from Applied Membranes.

Voltage: Above models indicate recommended voltage codes per model.
Available voltages:

  • 116 = 120V/1ph/60hz
  • 215 = 220V/1ph/50hz.
  • 216 = 220 or 230V/ 1ph/ 60hz
  • Three phase not available.

Standard Equipment

  • Thin Film Composite RO Membranes
  • FRP RO membrane pressure vessels
  • 5 micron cartridge filter & housing
  • Automatic inlet feed solenoid valve
  • System control valve, Stainless Steel
  • Recycle control valve, Stainless Steel
  • Low pressure pump protection
  • Rotary vane high pressure Stainless Steel RO pump
  • Liquid filled system pressure gauge
  • Powder coated carbon steel frame
  • Boxed and palletized for shipment

Controller Features:

  • Panel mounted on/off switch

Controller for Automatic Operation

Monitors and/or Controls:

  • Inlet valve
  • Low pressure switch
  • Low pressure auto restart after 1 hour
  • Feed water flush at system shut-down
  • On/Off with tank level
  • Pre-treatment backwash/lockout
  • System On/Off according to Tank Level (Float purchase separately)

Indicator Lights:

  • Service run/system flush
  • Storage tank full/pretreatment lockout
  • Low pressure shutdown/auto restart
UL508A Labeled I-ROC250
  • Spot free rinse
  • Water stores
  • Whole house
  • Laboratories
  • Light commercial
  • Institutions
  • Rinse Water
  • Ice makers
  • Humidification
  • Misting
  • And a wide variety of other applications

Optional Add-On Parts and Equipment for Wall Mount RO Systems

AMI’s WM Series Wall Mount RO Systems are available with a wide variety of optional add-on accessories. All assemblies include hardware and mounting equipment for easy upgrade to your new or existing system installation.

Wall Mount Filter Cartridges

Includes mounting bracket and Isolation Valves to close the line when changing the filter cartridge.

Part # A711

Filter cartridge must be ordered separately – common options are shown below. Any 20″ Big Blue size cartridge can be installed. Click here to view our complete filter cartridge product selection.

Pretreatment Options Available:

  • Block Carbon Filter Cartridges Block Carbon filter cartridges produce no carbon fines.

Post-treatment Options Available:

  • Calcite Filter Cartridge to neutralize the pH of the RO permeate water – Filter Model H-F4220CALCITE Click for Product Details
  • DI Filter Cartridge with Mixed-Bed Deionization Resin for ultrapure applications – Filter Model: H-F4220DI Click for Product Details

Softeners & Media Filtration Pre/Post Treatment

AMI Media filters feature fully automatic backwash or regeneration for easy, trouble free maintenance. Ensure superior system operation and extended membrane life by providing proper pretreatment to the incoming feed water on a continuous basis. Common pretreatment or post-treatment methods include:

  • Single or Twin Water Softener to remove hardness and scale.
  • Multi-Media Filter for sediment filtration to approximately 10 microns.
  • Carbon Filter to remove chlorine.
  • Calcite Filter to neutralize the pH of the RO product water.

Click Here to visit the Media Filtration section of our site for detailed information on the full line of media filtration products we carry.

Mounting Bracket (recommended)

Screw the mounting bracket to the wall first to simplify the mounting of the RO unit. Includes powder coated mounting plate with screws.

  • Part # A616 – for 27″L Units
  • Part # A615 – for 34″L Units

Water Quality Monitors

Pre-packaged wall-mountable water quality monitoring controls allow you to monitor the quality of the incoming feed or RO product water. Assembly includes the monitor, enclosure and sensor.

Available Options for Monitoring Incoming Feed Water Quality:
  • ORP – 60Hz Part # A246, 50Hz Part # A247
  • pH – 60Hz Part # A244, 50Hz Part # A245
Available Options for Monitoring RO Product Water Quality:
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) – 60Hz Part # A242, 50Hz Part # A243
  • Resistivity – 60Hz Part # A248, 50Hz Part # A249
  • pH – 60Hz Part # A244, 50Hz Part # A245

Floor Stand

Use this free-standing carbon steel powder coated frame to convert the WM unit to a floor unit.

Part # A626

Optional: Floor Stand Casters Kit
2 Locking & 2 Swivel for ease of mobility.
Part # A625

Ultraviolet (UV) Systems

Add an ultraviolet water sterilizer for a 99.9% reduction of bacteria and viruses in the feed and/or permeate line.

Note: For feed line, wall-mount filter cartridge assembly shown above is required.

Tank Pressure Controls

To automatically turn the RO system on or off with the permeate storage tank level. For use with a pressurized storage tank (sold separately).

  • 220v/60Hz – Part # A621

Pressurized Storage Tank

Pressurized permeate storage tank available in 40 or 80 gallon volume. Assembly includes tank, valve, piping, tubing, and pressure gauge.

  • 40 Gallon Tank Assembly – Part # A612-40
  • 80 Gallon Tank Assembly – Part # A612-80

Tank Level Controls

Turns system on or off according to the water level in an atmospheric storage tank.

  • Dual float assembly provides system on/off controls.
    Part # YFL2PPAS
  • Triple float assembly provides system on/off as well as low level protection on/off for a repressurization pump.
    Part # YFL3PPAS

Atmospheric storage tank and repressurization pump are sold separately.

Prefilter Pressure Gauge

To allow for monitoring of the in and out pressure of the prefilter in order to indicate when the cartridge needs to be changed. Assembly includes pressure gauge and fittings.

  • Part # A623


Monitor system flows. Includes mounting bracket and fittings for connection of system tubing.

  • 1-10 GPM Part # A107
  • 0.5-5 GPM Part # A109

To allow for monitoring of the in and out pressure of the prefilter in order to indicate when the cartridge needs to be changed. Assembly includes pressure gauge and fittings.

Replacement Parts & Consumables for WMH Series Reverse Osmosis Systems

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